New Year’s Eve for the kids – Times Square Ball


Times Square Ball

Serve a cheesy Times Square ball. Hungry partygoers will cheer our silvery “midnight” snack, inspired by the famed New York City original.

What you’ll need

  • head of cabbage
  • aluminum foil
  • 1-inch cheese cubes
  • mini foil baking cups
  • frilly toothpicks




How to make it

  1. Use an unopened 8-ounce can and a head of cabbage, covered and joined with aluminum foil, for the base.
  2. Set 1-inch cheese cubes into mini foil baking cups, then skewer them on frilly toothpicks, inserting the pointy ends into the cabbage.
  3. Hold the ball up high, have the kids count down as you lower it to the table, and let snacktime begin.

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